Friday, January 19, 2007

L2 Week 3 Photos and Images


1. Please remember to do the exercises and clearly label blog entries that are related to the exercises (Week 2, #3 First Post for example) if you want to receive the flash drive.

2. If you haven't already, add a photo to a blog entry. When you are in the COMPOSE mode of a POST, there are icons/symbols for Bold (B), T (Text color), etc. There is also one for inserting/uploading a picture or photo. Check it out. Photos can also be added to your template by using the Page Elements in the Layout section.

Several of you have already figured out how to add photos, particularly for your profile photo. Who knew that there are so many frogs and cats working in the library! Keep the creativity and fun coming. This is a fun fun fun week!

3. Spotlight on Mana's blog. Check out what can be done with photo tools from creating movie posters to librarian trading cards and a mosaic of the Almaden Library. See

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