Thursday, January 18, 2007

L2 Week 2 - Blogging

Hello Future Bloggers!

In this week's lesson, you will:

1. Set up your own blog & add your first post.
2. Register your blog and begin your Learning 2.0 journey.

Some of you have already created your blog. Wow! We applaud your initiative and enthusiasm. You will find that we leave comments on your blogs. We want you to know that we are reading what you write! You too can check out each other's blogs and leave comments.

By the way, we also pay attention to your feedback and have made changes based on your suggestions. Your voice matters.

Check out the cluster map on our blog - it's in the Exercises page. Here you will see that strangers around the world are checking out our blog. How cool is that. And the originator of the program, Helene Blowers, mentions us as one of the libraries in the whole wide world doing the L2 thing.

We have a search box now.

Tips and Stuff:

1. You may encounter frustration as you set up your blog. The Blogger software interface is not particularly intuitive. Ask a colleague or one of us to help you if you get stuck. Try to get as far as you can by yourself. Remember this is about self-discovery and self-learning.

2. Privacy -- You may be concerned about privacy issues. When you create your blog, you may use any name you wish and reveal nothing about yourself. Look at some of the blogs already created on our participants page. Try to guess who some of them are! The Virtual Services team will know your real identity because you must send us an email in order for us to track your progress. When the program is over, you have the option to delete your blog.

3. Signing On - You will always sign on as NEW BLOGGER. Follow the BIG ORANGE ARROW in the middle of your computer screen that says "Create your blog now" Then you will create a Google account which is simply any email address you choose that already exists such as, your work email address, a Yahoo email address, etc.

4. Once you create your blog, you may choose to change font, font size, add photos to your blog posts, photo of yourself on your main page, etc. Much of these changes are done in the LAYOUT section.

5. Please remember your email, password and the blog URL you create. That is your responsibility. Be creative or funny or whatever with your blog title. Don't you just love "Below Approach" or "Crowe's Nest"

6. Entries -- Please clearly identify which week and which thing you are doing in a blog entry. This will make life easier for the Virtual Services tracking team.

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