Friday, March 9, 2007

Remaining Weeks

Remember that March 30th is the deadline to finish the program. That means three more weeks of fun are in store for you!

If you aren't able to finish in time or for those who weren't able to participate, the blog will remain online indefinitely for further self-discovery opportunities.


1. Some of you are having problems making your Bloglines reader public. First, this is completely optional. If you choose to make it available:

How to find your public Bloglines URL:
1. Click on the Share tab within your Bloglines account:
2. Scroll down the right screen pane and locate the public URL
To share your blogroll, log into your Bloglines account. Then, click on "Account" in the upper right corner. Click on "Blog Settings," in the middle near the top. Type in a user name if you haven't yet. For "Show my Blogroll" click next to "Yes, publish my blogroll." Click "Save changes."

2. Rollyo - adding a search roll to your blog is completely optional. However, if you choose to do so:

In Rollyo you can add the search roll you create to your blog by going to the "tools" link at the top of the page. Click on "Put a Rollyo Searchbox on your site." Scroll down to where you see three grayish boxes in columns. In the "Searchrolls" box click on the searchroll that you want to add to your blog. Click on the right facing arrow to add it to the "Searchbox Rolls"
column. Select the style of searchbox you want. There is a preview on the right when you choose the various types. In the far right column, titled "Copy and Paste Code," highlight all the text in the white box. You can just click in the box and then press CTRL+A. Copy this code (CTRL+C). Log into blogger and go to the layout page for your blog. Click on "Add a page
element" wherever you want the search box to appear. In the box that pops up, find where it says "HTML/JavaScript" and click on "add to blog." Enter a title, then paste (CTRL+V) the code into the content box. Click "save changes." Preview the layout and be sure to save the changes before you leave the layout screen.

3. Wikis

Apparently some of our blogs were deleted from our PB wiki. Please note, we are talking about the PB Wiki NOT our main blog. One of the features of a wiki is that it keeps or stores previous versions or histories of a modified page. Well, regrettably, we haven't been able to return to a page that captures all our data. Live and Learn. We know from your blog entries if you did or didn't post your blog address to the wiki. However, should you choose to add your blog once again to our PB Wiki, please do. See Week 7 on wikis.

4. Looking for a RSS feed to subscribe to that is library related?

Nancy Dowd has created a library videos blog to capture best of, what else, you guessed it, library videos. Check it out! It has a RSS feed.