Friday, March 9, 2007

Remaining Weeks

Remember that March 30th is the deadline to finish the program. That means three more weeks of fun are in store for you!

If you aren't able to finish in time or for those who weren't able to participate, the blog will remain online indefinitely for further self-discovery opportunities.


1. Some of you are having problems making your Bloglines reader public. First, this is completely optional. If you choose to make it available:

How to find your public Bloglines URL:
1. Click on the Share tab within your Bloglines account:
2. Scroll down the right screen pane and locate the public URL
To share your blogroll, log into your Bloglines account. Then, click on "Account" in the upper right corner. Click on "Blog Settings," in the middle near the top. Type in a user name if you haven't yet. For "Show my Blogroll" click next to "Yes, publish my blogroll." Click "Save changes."

2. Rollyo - adding a search roll to your blog is completely optional. However, if you choose to do so:

In Rollyo you can add the search roll you create to your blog by going to the "tools" link at the top of the page. Click on "Put a Rollyo Searchbox on your site." Scroll down to where you see three grayish boxes in columns. In the "Searchrolls" box click on the searchroll that you want to add to your blog. Click on the right facing arrow to add it to the "Searchbox Rolls"
column. Select the style of searchbox you want. There is a preview on the right when you choose the various types. In the far right column, titled "Copy and Paste Code," highlight all the text in the white box. You can just click in the box and then press CTRL+A. Copy this code (CTRL+C). Log into blogger and go to the layout page for your blog. Click on "Add a page
element" wherever you want the search box to appear. In the box that pops up, find where it says "HTML/JavaScript" and click on "add to blog." Enter a title, then paste (CTRL+V) the code into the content box. Click "save changes." Preview the layout and be sure to save the changes before you leave the layout screen.

3. Wikis

Apparently some of our blogs were deleted from our PB wiki. Please note, we are talking about the PB Wiki NOT our main blog. One of the features of a wiki is that it keeps or stores previous versions or histories of a modified page. Well, regrettably, we haven't been able to return to a page that captures all our data. Live and Learn. We know from your blog entries if you did or didn't post your blog address to the wiki. However, should you choose to add your blog once again to our PB Wiki, please do. See Week 7 on wikis.

4. Looking for a RSS feed to subscribe to that is library related?

Nancy Dowd has created a library videos blog to capture best of, what else, you guessed it, library videos. Check it out! It has a RSS feed.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Week 7/8

So where are all of us in the program?

In reading your witty and thoughtful blog entries, we see that some exercises are easier than others and some less time consuming and some more frustrating and some sheer joy.
And yes, just what exactly is up with those ever so cute names like Or Rollyo? Sounds like a tootsie roll.

We are delighted to read which Web 2.0 tools tickle you pink and which ones aren't as cracked up as they think they are, at least not to us savvy library folks, right! It's clear that you are getting a brain workout as you work your way through each exercise. But that you are also enjoying yourselves!


Let's say, for whatever reason, you are unable to complete an exercise ( don't understand the exercises, technical issues, etc), we will still consider that you completed the exercise and give you credit IF you write about your experience/frustration/encounter with space aliens/etc that demonstrates that you did indeed try to work through a lesson. A one liner is not sufficient. We also encourage you to contact one of us to help you work through a lesson, okay.


1. If you are unable to play a YouTube clip (both sound and video) in Internet Explorer (browser), call IT Help Desk to enable this feature. You should also have Firefox Mozilla loaded (you know the icon looks like a tomato on a vine) and it works fine.

2. Remember March 30th is the date to complete the program if you want to be eligible for the prizes. FYI: The blog exercises will remain online so that we all may revisit it from time to time to continue with our self learning and self discovery.

Lastly, here's our cluster map so you are able to see which states and countries and continents are checking us out! Pretty nifty, eh.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Here's what to expect for Week 7

It's probably a good idea if you are working on Week 7 by now. But even if you aren't, you have time. We think you'll find that many of the exercises go quickly because they're fun and interesting.

Most likely, we'll offer another workshop soon.

By the way, we've been contacted by other libraries and library associations who want to offer Library 2.0 at their libraries. We believe that we are the first library in the state to offer the program. More exciting though is your participation in the program and thinking about next steps.

Some tips to keep in mind:

1. You probably already know a bit about wikis especially if you know about Wikipedia, the community built encyclopedia.

Most of our Bay Area cities, airports, mountains, parks etc. have an entry in Wikipedia. Actually, come to think of it -- what doesn't...

2. One of the driving forces for why wikis are so popular is the idea that communities of people with a vested interested or expertise in a topic work together to create content. You are an author who may write and edit material just as you do with your personal blog.

3. Ah, the downside to wikis .... is the information accurate? Is it reliable? Is it current?

4. One application for wikis in libraries is to use it as a means for a department or unit or branch to share/exchange internal documentation, such as procedures.

5. Look at your co-workers blogs and leave them comments. We bet you'll learn from what they have written besides being entertained with super prose and photos.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Weekly Tips

Around about now you should be working with image generators in Week 5 but you may be in an earlier week setting up a Bloglines Account or you may be further along. Remember, you have until March 30th (and that's still a ways off!) to finish the exercise if you want to receive the flash drive.

Please call us on the telephone or email us if you get stuck or have a question. Or talk to a buddy if you need some help.

Some tips:

1. You do not need a Flickr account to do the Flickr exercises. You may download photos without having an account.

2. Bloglines is a reader for RSS feeds. It is a software application. It is completely separate from Blogger software. By the way, Google now has a reader for RSS feeds. Guess what it is called? Google Reader. How original. If you have a Yahoo My Page, you may add RSS feeds to that page. However, for the purpose of our program, we ask that you create an account with Bloglines.

3. When you get to Week 6 and learn about, you'll learn that we have set up a page with its own RSS feed that allows you to subscribe and add to your Bloglines account. Our page contains interesting articles that we know you will want to read!

Friday, February 9, 2007

Week 6 Tagging

Week 6: Tagging, Folksonomies & Technorati

13. Learn about tagging and discover (a social bookmaking site)
14. Explore Technorati and learn how tags work with blog posts.
15. Read a few perspectives on Web 2.0, Library 2.0 and the future of libraries and blog your thoughts.

Some Observations and Tips:

1. By now, some of you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed with your regular job duties and feel that you don't have time for the Learning 2.0 weekly lessons.

2. You have time. You'll find that some of the lessons go faster than you expected. And some go slower. Most are pretty fun though!

3. Additionally, drop in lab time is being offered next week to give you time to work on the exercises and to receive assistance from us as well.

4. You do not have to create a Flickr account to download an image from Flickr for the image exercises.

5. Doing the tutorials or reading the resources suggested for each lesson really helps to prepare you to do the exercises.

6. You don't have to like or embrace or adopt any of the tools you are learning about. Remember this program is about exploring and be exposed to emerging technologies and to get you thinking about the tools for professional and personal use. The Virtual Services team is enjoying reading your observations in your blog posts about the tools.

Here are some possibilities of how these new tools might work for us:

a. Using RSS feeds to advertise library events or new materials in addition to what we use currently; in other using a variety of tools to reach our diversified customer base.

b. Creating library tour podcasts (already being done at other libraries) or creating podcasts for classroom instruction.

c. Creating a Rollyo of trusted reference sites to be used to answer frequently asked questions or create a specific subject search for students so they don't just rely on a massive messy Google search.

7. Sometimes technology fails us. No! Yes! You may be on a site and the podcast doesn't work or the image doesn't appear or Blogger software doesn't let you log on. Close your browser and try again later. Turn off your computer and try again later. Ask your neighbors if it's just you or are they having problems too.

8. Not sure how to do something in an exercise? Don't know how to download or upload an image? Contact us and we'll help you or ask a co-worker or drop in at the upcoming labs.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Week 5

Weekly Tips and Stuff:

1. The completion date for this program is March 30th. We have extended the date to allow you more time.

2. About RSS/Bloglines (last week's lesson). If you decide to do the optional exercise in which you make your bloglines public, the SHARE tab has moved. The image we have on screen shows it on the top of the page. Well, it's now at the bottom of your bloglines page. Tricky, eh.

3. Drop in lab time will be offered at the library. You will or have already received an email about the dates, locations, time.

4. We're loving your blog titles! How about - "The Barking Frog" (croaked over that one), "To blog or not to blog," (oh, is that really the question?).

Check out your fellow participants blogs at

You are doing a fabulous job with prose and photos!

Thursday, February 1, 2007

L2 Extension date, Registration and Exercises


Mark your calendars! The completion date for the Learning 2.0 program has been extended to March 30th.


Are you on the list? Hmm, think about that reference to a certain t.v. show.....

Reminder – you must register your blog with us so that we may track your progress through the program and determine your eligibility for the prizes.

Send an email to

In the Subject Line: Register my blog

In the body of the email: Include the blog URL and the blog title

You will receive a confirmation notice

Your blog will be listed on the Participants page. See


To help us with following your progress, please title blog entries related to the exercises like this: Week 2, #4 Register My Blog

If you wish to receive the flash drive and be eligible for other prizes:

You must complete all of the exercises.
You must also do what the exercises ask. If you say that you “did the Flickr thing” we will not consider this to demonstrate that you completed the particular exercise. Please make the effort!

We enjoy reading your blog entries!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Week 4 RSS

Weekly Tips and Stuff:

1. It is not too late to participate in this course. Exercises are short and fun.

2. To register your blog, please send an email to with blog title and URL. This is how we know you are participating, how we are able to track you and give you a Flash Drive upon completion of all the exercises.

3. Did you know that you have some word processing capabilities when composing a blog post? Notice the tool bar with icons for bold, linking, adding images, font size and color, etc. Call a Virtual Services team member or send an email if you have questions.

4. If you encounter log in problems with Blogger, it may be Blogger and not you. The application seemed to be problematic this week. Try again or let Virtual Services know.

5. As a reminder, Blogger is not the only blogging software but it is free. Wordpress is an option. One of our participants uses Wordpress.
See this blog

6. You will learn about RSS readers, in particular, Bloglines. By the way, Google Reader is another option and preferred by some people.

7. We appreciate the feedback from you!

Friday, January 19, 2007

L2 Week 3 Photos and Images


1. Please remember to do the exercises and clearly label blog entries that are related to the exercises (Week 2, #3 First Post for example) if you want to receive the flash drive.

2. If you haven't already, add a photo to a blog entry. When you are in the COMPOSE mode of a POST, there are icons/symbols for Bold (B), T (Text color), etc. There is also one for inserting/uploading a picture or photo. Check it out. Photos can also be added to your template by using the Page Elements in the Layout section.

Several of you have already figured out how to add photos, particularly for your profile photo. Who knew that there are so many frogs and cats working in the library! Keep the creativity and fun coming. This is a fun fun fun week!

3. Spotlight on Mana's blog. Check out what can be done with photo tools from creating movie posters to librarian trading cards and a mosaic of the Almaden Library. See

Thursday, January 18, 2007

L2 Week 2 - Blogging

Hello Future Bloggers!

In this week's lesson, you will:

1. Set up your own blog & add your first post.
2. Register your blog and begin your Learning 2.0 journey.

Some of you have already created your blog. Wow! We applaud your initiative and enthusiasm. You will find that we leave comments on your blogs. We want you to know that we are reading what you write! You too can check out each other's blogs and leave comments.

By the way, we also pay attention to your feedback and have made changes based on your suggestions. Your voice matters.

Check out the cluster map on our blog - it's in the Exercises page. Here you will see that strangers around the world are checking out our blog. How cool is that. And the originator of the program, Helene Blowers, mentions us as one of the libraries in the whole wide world doing the L2 thing.

We have a search box now.

Tips and Stuff:

1. You may encounter frustration as you set up your blog. The Blogger software interface is not particularly intuitive. Ask a colleague or one of us to help you if you get stuck. Try to get as far as you can by yourself. Remember this is about self-discovery and self-learning.

2. Privacy -- You may be concerned about privacy issues. When you create your blog, you may use any name you wish and reveal nothing about yourself. Look at some of the blogs already created on our participants page. Try to guess who some of them are! The Virtual Services team will know your real identity because you must send us an email in order for us to track your progress. When the program is over, you have the option to delete your blog.

3. Signing On - You will always sign on as NEW BLOGGER. Follow the BIG ORANGE ARROW in the middle of your computer screen that says "Create your blog now" Then you will create a Google account which is simply any email address you choose that already exists such as, your work email address, a Yahoo email address, etc.

4. Once you create your blog, you may choose to change font, font size, add photos to your blog posts, photo of yourself on your main page, etc. Much of these changes are done in the LAYOUT section.

5. Please remember your email, password and the blog URL you create. That is your responsibility. Be creative or funny or whatever with your blog title. Don't you just love "Below Approach" or "Crowe's Nest"

6. Entries -- Please clearly identify which week and which thing you are doing in a blog entry. This will make life easier for the Virtual Services tracking team.

L2 Ready to Launch - Week 1

01/05/2007 03:24 PM
L2 Ready to Launch - Read this & get the URL

Got blog?
Have you been flickrd?
Are you

It's time to launch the Library 2.0 online training program!

The URL is

Each Monday for the next 9 weeks, you will receive an email giving you tips and other suggestions for that week's lesson. Contact information will always be included in the weekly emails.

Lesson 1 Tips:

1. Print out the attached powerpoint slide 􀁺 and post in your office or nearby. It has the dates
and URL for the course.
2. Read the ABOUT page. It has answers to frequently asked questions.
3. All of the lessons are on one page. Each lesson though is also its own entry and you can click on a lesson title to be directed to its own page.
4. You may find it helpful to get yourself a buddy to explore the lessons with you.
5. Throughout the course of this program, we encourage comments and feedback. Your
participation is key to the success of this and future programs.
6. Each lesson is relatively short, particularly the first week's lesson. You will not be graded! This program was designed by a librarian and modified by us to check out the new technologies out there. Explore, have fun and enjoy the lessons.

You must complete the entire course if you want to receive the flash drive.

So, fasten your seatbelt , grab your mouse and blast off !