Friday, February 2, 2007

Week 5

Weekly Tips and Stuff:

1. The completion date for this program is March 30th. We have extended the date to allow you more time.

2. About RSS/Bloglines (last week's lesson). If you decide to do the optional exercise in which you make your bloglines public, the SHARE tab has moved. The image we have on screen shows it on the top of the page. Well, it's now at the bottom of your bloglines page. Tricky, eh.

3. Drop in lab time will be offered at the library. You will or have already received an email about the dates, locations, time.

4. We're loving your blog titles! How about - "The Barking Frog" (croaked over that one), "To blog or not to blog," (oh, is that really the question?).

Check out your fellow participants blogs at

You are doing a fabulous job with prose and photos!

Thursday, February 1, 2007

L2 Extension date, Registration and Exercises


Mark your calendars! The completion date for the Learning 2.0 program has been extended to March 30th.


Are you on the list? Hmm, think about that reference to a certain t.v. show.....

Reminder – you must register your blog with us so that we may track your progress through the program and determine your eligibility for the prizes.

Send an email to

In the Subject Line: Register my blog

In the body of the email: Include the blog URL and the blog title

You will receive a confirmation notice

Your blog will be listed on the Participants page. See


To help us with following your progress, please title blog entries related to the exercises like this: Week 2, #4 Register My Blog

If you wish to receive the flash drive and be eligible for other prizes:

You must complete all of the exercises.
You must also do what the exercises ask. If you say that you “did the Flickr thing” we will not consider this to demonstrate that you completed the particular exercise. Please make the effort!

We enjoy reading your blog entries!