Friday, February 23, 2007

Here's what to expect for Week 7

It's probably a good idea if you are working on Week 7 by now. But even if you aren't, you have time. We think you'll find that many of the exercises go quickly because they're fun and interesting.

Most likely, we'll offer another workshop soon.

By the way, we've been contacted by other libraries and library associations who want to offer Library 2.0 at their libraries. We believe that we are the first library in the state to offer the program. More exciting though is your participation in the program and thinking about next steps.

Some tips to keep in mind:

1. You probably already know a bit about wikis especially if you know about Wikipedia, the community built encyclopedia.

Most of our Bay Area cities, airports, mountains, parks etc. have an entry in Wikipedia. Actually, come to think of it -- what doesn't...

2. One of the driving forces for why wikis are so popular is the idea that communities of people with a vested interested or expertise in a topic work together to create content. You are an author who may write and edit material just as you do with your personal blog.

3. Ah, the downside to wikis .... is the information accurate? Is it reliable? Is it current?

4. One application for wikis in libraries is to use it as a means for a department or unit or branch to share/exchange internal documentation, such as procedures.

5. Look at your co-workers blogs and leave them comments. We bet you'll learn from what they have written besides being entertained with super prose and photos.