Thursday, January 18, 2007

L2 Ready to Launch - Week 1

01/05/2007 03:24 PM
L2 Ready to Launch - Read this & get the URL

Got blog?
Have you been flickrd?
Are you

It's time to launch the Library 2.0 online training program!

The URL is

Each Monday for the next 9 weeks, you will receive an email giving you tips and other suggestions for that week's lesson. Contact information will always be included in the weekly emails.

Lesson 1 Tips:

1. Print out the attached powerpoint slide 􀁺 and post in your office or nearby. It has the dates
and URL for the course.
2. Read the ABOUT page. It has answers to frequently asked questions.
3. All of the lessons are on one page. Each lesson though is also its own entry and you can click on a lesson title to be directed to its own page.
4. You may find it helpful to get yourself a buddy to explore the lessons with you.
5. Throughout the course of this program, we encourage comments and feedback. Your
participation is key to the success of this and future programs.
6. Each lesson is relatively short, particularly the first week's lesson. You will not be graded! This program was designed by a librarian and modified by us to check out the new technologies out there. Explore, have fun and enjoy the lessons.

You must complete the entire course if you want to receive the flash drive.

So, fasten your seatbelt , grab your mouse and blast off !

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