Friday, February 16, 2007

Weekly Tips

Around about now you should be working with image generators in Week 5 but you may be in an earlier week setting up a Bloglines Account or you may be further along. Remember, you have until March 30th (and that's still a ways off!) to finish the exercise if you want to receive the flash drive.

Please call us on the telephone or email us if you get stuck or have a question. Or talk to a buddy if you need some help.

Some tips:

1. You do not need a Flickr account to do the Flickr exercises. You may download photos without having an account.

2. Bloglines is a reader for RSS feeds. It is a software application. It is completely separate from Blogger software. By the way, Google now has a reader for RSS feeds. Guess what it is called? Google Reader. How original. If you have a Yahoo My Page, you may add RSS feeds to that page. However, for the purpose of our program, we ask that you create an account with Bloglines.

3. When you get to Week 6 and learn about, you'll learn that we have set up a page with its own RSS feed that allows you to subscribe and add to your Bloglines account. Our page contains interesting articles that we know you will want to read!

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